About Us
S.B. (‘Bruce’) Klein, the principal of Advocates Professional Services, Inc. (APS) and his staff have successfully collected millions of dollars of delinquent receivables, write-offs, and departed partners’ receivables for major professional service firms. For more than ten years APS has established a recovery rate that ranges from twenty five percent to thirty five percent of dollars placed.

This recovery rate is, to the best of our knowledge, approximately fifty percent to one hundred percent better than any other collection agency engaged in comparable work.

We have leveraged that expertise to collect all types of receivables owed to any service provider, manufacturer or distributor of goods of all types, from Audio Equipment to Zinc Mining, Advertising Agencies to Yearbook Publishers, any industry, goods or services, anywhere in the world.
Our staff are experienced professionals and are screened, trained and vigorously overseen to ensure that optimal results are produced in accordance with the highest professional standards of conduct.

APS understands the special needs of all of our clients: the requirement for strict confidentiality and risk exposure of attorneys and accountants; the time sensitive nature and short shelf life of products manufactured and sold by software manufacturers, computer consultants, food distributors and yearbook publishers.

We customize our services and procedures to meet the needs of our clients. Having served the legal profession for nearly ten years we have succeeded in collecting the most disputed and difficult of service based receivables without ever generating a single complaint or lawsuit against any of our clients.

Communicating and negotiating with sophisticated obligors who almost always claim to have a good reason, (real or imagined) for not paying their bills is, for us, an every day occurrence.